I'll go straight to the point:

I am closing fiveandaquarter and moving to a new site:

I will be more ambitious and less ambitious at the same time.

More ambitious because my intention is to do more than I have ever done. There's so much I am not doing here that I'd like to start doing. I have hundreds of films to talk about, book summaries I make for myself that I will share, app reviews; I'm fascinated by design in all its forms and would like to talk about it, I've collected hundreds of quotes I want to share... and certainly I want to keep reflecting on stuff I find relevant and worth a thought.

More ambitious also because, instead of relying on a prebuilt solution, I will build it from scratch. It means I will start with an empty file and code my way to a full site. I intend to make a full back to basics, not reusing any component whatsoever. Everything will be handcrafted. No templates. It will be both an opportunity to learn a good deal of nerdy stuff and a great opportunity to develop my design skills.

More ambitious, finally, because I will also deviate from existing models. Haibu will not be a blog, will not be a social network, will not be a static page... it will be something else. I want to try some different type of online habitat.

But it is also going to be less ambitious at the same time. I'd like to start small, and grow from there. I want to go back to the early days in which I wrote my weekly friky email for a bunch of colleagues. They helped me adjust what I was writing about, helped me understand what was interesting and what was not. That proximity creates opportunities long forgotten. I'd like to go back to that. I'm pushing the reset button.

So I will invite 8 people to join in the first place. They will witness the actual creation of the site (there is nothing apart from the couple of pages and simple invitation service.) I will actually share with them the decisions I'm making, the progress I make (or not), why I am doing things in a certain way, how I organise myself to get it done... Should they want to provide feedback, they will probably influence the direction too (I'm pretty permeable to others' opinions!) I want to explore the possibilities of interacting with a pretty small group of people, and I bet this is going to be pretty fun for you too if you join. To be clear: nothing is expected from those 8 people but to have interest in it. If you happen to join and don't find it interesting, you can just tell me and I'll drop you and invite someone else.

You can request your invitation at, and read more about it by clicking on the handwritten HAIBU mark (which was actually 'designed' by my kid in 2015, he's also excited to contribute).

Look, this doesn't make any sense. I know. And I love it for that very same reason.


PS: it has been a great run here on five. This has given me more than I ever anticipated and I hope you guys enjoyed it too. For 8 of you, it's not a goodbye but a "talk to you next week", but for the others it may take a while. This site will remain available and I will probably post an occasional update on the haibu challenge. Head over to to try your luck. Thanks for being there!