Common sense is not common practice

I read the very interesting book Legacy by James Kerr. It deconstruct the success story behind the All Blacks, legendary New Zeland rugby team. Among the many interesting pieces of insight in the book, this quote from Gilbert Enoka, the team's mental skills coach, stood out for me:

"Just because it´s common sense does not mean it's common practice."

The really relevant things are obvious. We just don't do them. Instead, we overthink the unimportant details.

This happens to me all the time. I can write right away 3 things that would significantly improve my life. Instead of doing them, I will read Seneca for insights on how to live my life. For God's sake, I will write a weekly post about simple stuff over-thought ad nausea!

What is essential is invisible to the eye, wrote Saint-Exupery in his Little Prince. I would add, what is essential is also obvious. We just need clarity. Clarity starts when we give up the idea that we must outsmart everyone, including ourselves.

If I don't stop here, I'm going to over complicate this post unnecessarily. I've got my list of 3 things here, so I better start doing them.

See you next week!