Falling into a pit

Hi son, you know that in the back of my mind this blog is just a way to leave my thoughts to you and your brother. This week I decided to change the approach, though. Instead of sharing what is on my mid-aged mind, I'll share what is in yours at the age of 8. 

Last week I came home and saw this in the kitchen counter. 


It is apparently a diagram to show you how to turn, as in a dance lesson. Amazing.

Look at this other thing...


It is, you told me, the entry slide to your first YouTube video. Weeks ago, you also did a PowerPoint presentation on gods and titans. Check it out here. Also, we set up a tumblr page for you to upload your stuff, not sure it will still be live but here's the link.

Then look at this thing, I'm not sure you will remember by the time you read this.


It is a full illustrated book, "The Magic Alley", check out some of the pages... 


In the last page the story finds Perseo and Percy falling into a pit. Then in the back of the page you drew this... 


It's a first person view of Perseo falling into the pit. How awesome is that!

I have plenty more... actually going through your pile I just found that you are starting a new story called "The Magic Book and the Titan of Time". Who wouldn't read something with that title!

I guess my point is: if you read this and it's been a long time since you last wrote an illustrated book, or drew some pictures, or planned on doing a YouTube video... please think about it, because you may have lost something of great value. If you feel you are missing something, as we all do at a certain age... check this out because you will probably find the answer in your own pages. Maturing seems to be the process of developing the ability to worry about stuff that doesn't really matter. Those worries will not leave room for the part of you that decides to draw a first person view of someone falling into a pit. But it is actually your ability to bring something new to this world that will fill your soul. That, or having a kid like you.

Months ago, I thanked my dad, your grandfather, for waking me up. I must thank you for keeping me awake ever since.

I'll be back with more...