Sign your work

Always look for opportunities to do something you can sign as yours. It is a matter of legacy, and it is also a matter of pride. Just don't let it become a matter of ego.

If you don't have a mindset of signing your work, it means you are simply passing by. It means you don't really care. It is hard to decide whether you don't sign it because you don't care, or you don't care because you don't sign it.

Not caring about anything you do will eventually turn you into a miserable being. Not dead, not alive, a nosferatu of sorts. Watch out, you may have some symptoms already. If so, just decide to sign your work.

If you are part of a big organization, the structure will fight you. Segregation of duties, functional structures, control layers... all that stuff is there to simply hijack your autonomy, your ability to make decisions and your capacity to execute. Don't surrender. Fight your way through that jungle, use a machete if needed. Or simply focus on such a small thing that nobody will notice. I once produced a pitch for a client that had nothing to do with the corporate template (uuuuuuuhhhhhh). I felt very proud of it. It worked and we won that deal. Sure we won it for more things than that pitch, but I made my part and I signed it.

Can you reconcile signing your work with true teamwork? I don't even know what teamwork is anymore. Overuse of the word has filled it with bullshit. I just know that if you find a way to sign your part, and the rest of the team do the same, and it all works well together, you feel awesome. If you have to make concessions on your work to make it fit well with other's, you can still feel it's yours.

Signing your work is scary because you will be judged. It's safer to become anonymous in a big crowd. It's safer to not being responsible because there was a lot of people involved. But being safe is not the point. The fact that it is scary is what makes signing your work interesting. Hemingway once said: "The only value we have as human beings is the risks we are willing to take." Fully agree.

See you next week.