The Small Things

The book I'm currently reading taught me an old Danish saying: "Honesty in the small things is not a small thing." I love it. I tend to get lost in the incomprehensible big picture of life, of work, of existence (if you read this blog, you know what I'm talking about). I want to figure things out (hint: I haven't.) That's why I need to be reminded that small things are not a small thing. Arthur C. Clarke summarized the joy of life as the search for Truth, Beauty and Love, which pretty much makes a perfect case for what life should be. Well, guess where can you find a perfect scale to find it? The small things you can reach, you can influence, whether it is a tidy desk at work, a beautifully crafted presentation, a carefully typed text (take care of your typographic etiquette!)... these are all things that you can do. God is in the details, said architect Ludwig mies van der Rohe.

The trick is: small things can change a life, that's how big they are. I don't hesitate for a moment Marie Kondo's claim that her tidying method for home has transformed people's lives. The way you spend your days is the way you spend your life, says a famous quote by Annie Dillard, to remind us that is it today that matters, not the thousand worries I'm trying to sort out for the future.

So I'll adjust my goggles, at least for a moment, to help me see only what is at sight. I write this post, in my garden, while the cold breeze of the morning blows through the lush trees around me. I'm sipping my freshly brewed coffee. I'll be back next week.