English Class

It happened in high school as we were approaching summer. She entered our English class; I was there sitting at the back of the classroom. She captured the looks of all of us teenagers with that long skirt and that presence. She was tall but still she wore high heels. She walked as if nothing could stop her. Leaned on the desk of the teacher we guys probably whispered a couple of jokes back there. Then, on her way out, she looked back and waved goodbye. To me.

We first kissed on a subway station. It's a weird place, I know, but it made sense for us. It happened there because she came along with me on my way home. It was my stop. It happened there because I just couldn't come up with any more excuses. I had been delaying that moment as much as I could. That's how scared I was.

We probably reached that moment thanks to the movies. I mean a common friend used that trick to force us to talk together (or was it to force me?) If the three of us were together, he would start talking about cinema; we both would jump on the topic with excitement. Ever since then we must have watched a thousand movies together.

One thing is clear: if you were a character, you would be a fighter. That's easy to tell for anyone who knows you. Some other things are harder to see, though. Have you ever get so lost on the scenes that you missed the whole storyline? It typically happens when the scenes are intense. Some scenes bring joy, some scenes bring frustration, some bring worries and some others hope. Surely we've had plenty of intense scenes, but only in retrospect I do realize... that you've been fighting for me since we met. No moment can beat the strength of that truth.

I can only thank you for being the driving force behind everything that ever mattered. I'm only sorry I've left most of the heavy lifting to you, even more so when I was barely conscious of it. How easy it is to drown in our shallows! I have very few things in my discharge, perhaps just that I've loved you ever since you left that English class. Happy birthday.