Culture beats strategy, every time

Does culture beat strategy? According to this guy, it does. According to this other, it does too.

Well... I don´t know. It´s hard to imagine a chess player win games just because he´s super committed to her pieces. I do think, though, that culture beats strategy is a manifestation of something else; something I do have a strong opinion about:

Strategy is several orders of magnitude easier than execution.

Deciding what to do, and coming up with a sounding plan, both live in the PowerPoint realm. And PowerPoint is easy. I mean, if you Iive your life for PowerPoint you may disagree. Getting the flow right, being impactful, creating the right story... those things are difficult; doesn´t mean they will make a difference though. At least they won´t make a difference in the realm that truly matters: the realm where real things are used by real people to everyone´s benefit.

Execution, though, is a different game. Making things happen is as difficult as it gets. This is as true at the big corporation level as it is at personal level (did you stick to you diet for long?).

Beyond the concept of thinking big, of figuring it all out, we should be pushing for small achievements. Cultivating the mindset of shipping something. Every Friday I face that same challenge: a small achievement of writing some words and get them shipped. It may not seem much, but it boosts my mood big time. I can build up from there. You should try it!

Rushing to the office now, ready to finish my week! See you next one.