The Chinese farmer

Marcus Aurelius, the Roman emperor mostly known for his part in Gladiator, once wrote: "It can ruin your life only if it ruins your character."  A maxim usually expressed as: if it's out of your control, why bother?

A new organizational change will get your boss replaced. All the worries of this world come to haunt you: will he bring someone to replace me? will he restructure my function? In times like this, it is worth remembering Alan Watts' story of the Chinese farmer:

I love the vintage recording! Anyway, I think it illustrates the point exceptionally well: we have no clue how things turn out, so don't get hooked judging something as good or bad. It's a parable I come back often because, no matter what you are telling yourself right now, in times of change we do worry. Or just as some other great contemporary philosopher said in 2003:

Just keep swimming , just keep swimming, just keep swiiiiiimmiiiiiiiiiing!🎶

Have a nice weekend!