Pencil mind

5 years ago, the crappy mobile phone cameras inspired the vintage film filters of Instagram and the likes. In the end, if your photos look bad, why not create some interestingness through some post-processing? Suddenly everyone lived in a stylized 80s reality.

The character limitation of Twitter forced everyone to write concise and wit messages. Sarcasm became the expected tone.

It is hard to make nice straight lines with a spray can, that’s why graffiti culture is associated with curvy flowing designs, which may also impact the overall aesthetics of that culture, including clothing. (At least until Banksy blew everyone’s mind)

The medium you use to express yourself has limitations. Those limitations favor a specific tone or style. Subtly, that style informs your mindset. This may happen in a subconscious way.

That’s why you should write with a pencil. Not a flashy fountain pen, not even a good old Bic ballpen. Just a pencil.

A pencil is forgiving. It gives you permission to suck.

A pencil is daring. Be bold. Who cares?

A pencil is a beginners tool. Beginners only have upside. Beginners are enthusiastic.

A pencil thinks out the the notebook line. It draws, it writes big fat headers, it creates diagrams… it is actually uncomfortable following those lines.

A pencil, in the end, frees you from expectations, lets you be playful, releases whatever you hold inside. Who wouldn’t want that?

Buy a pencil, use your pencil, embrace your pencil mind.