Looking forward to 2017

I look forward to 2017. It looks like a great year. I heard it's going to have 365 days. That's a lot of time to do interesting stuff. I surely have a couple of ideas.  

There are things I´ve been doing for long that I plan to keep on doing in 2017, including sleeping, eating and dressing, though I´ll try to improve at all these things nevertheless. There are some higher functions that I also plan to on do regularly: journaling and blogging. And, oh yes, working too.

There are things I just started doing in 2016 that I´ll try to stick to. I will live under strict information diet (almost no news or social media). It just seems it´s going to be even more beneficial in 2017 than it already was in 2016. And yes, I will, insist on those cold showers.

Now, there are some uncertainties down the road for 2017:

  • Will I see 70kg in the scale this year? 

  • Will I be able to run for 20 min? 

  • Will I release my new app? 

  • Will I get to know more interesting people, in more interesting places?

  • Will I spend more time with my family?

  • Will I have another no-kids vacation with my wife? Perhaps more than one?

  • Will I hear my son´s first word?

  • Will I have more laughs with my friends?

  • Will I learn something new and life changing? Will I finally learn to not give a fuck?

I don´t see why not.