Life offers a great deal of options today to be distracted. The busyness of our jobs, unstructured, undefined. They hardly have any boundary. There is always something more you could do. There is always an un responded email. More research you could be doing. One more twist at that presentation. That is a great soil where you can grow your guilt so that you can embrace your undone stuff as an ancient God. Fear it, adore it, sacrifice for it.

Then there's social media, one more check in on Facebook, Twitter or Snapchat, sure they'll feed you with something new.

One more game of Candy Crush? Sure, why not? I'll beat that level this time.

Why don't we check the news? Which one, I've got like a thousand options? Check all of them! God, is that movie in theaters already?! What was the name of the director, let me check IMDb...

You can spend your whole life distracted with the shadows on the wall. You can spend your whole life distracted and be successful. That's what they say at work. That's what those likes are telling you. You can spend your whole life distracted so that you don't have to ask yourself the real questions. The real questions are scary, but behind them there's something good. Or so they say. And so I feel.