Being a father

There's a huge gap between rationally understanding something and the real thing. Seeing a picture of the Eiffel Tower or standing right below it, overwhelmed by the scale of that feat. Listening to the story of a trip around Asia or actually walking the streets, capturing that distinctive smell.

We all heard stories about being a father that we could not really understand until that moment when you first heard the heartbeat on the eco, when you first held that helpless little thing in your arms, when you first understood that, for the first time ever probably, someone depends totally on you to get through.

For all parents, you'll get a shot of all that in Ester's post (Spanish). CHECK IT OUT.

She used it to introduce the new course to the parents of the children she teaches at school. I know for a fact she has changed the life of many children along her career. She has become that teacher for some of them. She seems to also be trying to move us parents too. Most os us pretty much need it, so keep it up, and thank you.