Stressful times

God I´m swamped right now with loads of new stuff from my new job! I´m sorry for those 2 weeks I missed in a row. And I apologize in advance for this one, rushed in the Friday morning, written in the countertop of my kitchen, but I felt it was important to keep the commitment (at least for myself). When stress and overwork take out so much from you, you need to hold on to something as the beginning of the reconquest of your life.

So this seems like a good time to share a good advice I read some time ago about handling stressful times. These are 6 things you should do while you are going through rough moments:

  • Schedule intentional work. Reserve blocks of time in the agenda to work on things you need to produce, so you don´t let others take total ownership of your time.
  • No email or social media or news. Cut time wasters and enter an information fast. You have no time for this shit.
  • Make your commitments public, so people understand what you are actually working on and realize this is not the right time come up with trivial proposals.
  • Journal your progress. When there is so much to do, it is easy to bias your thoughts only to what you are not doing yet. Establishing a routine to log your accomplishments helps balance the perception. Yes, there´s a lot to do still but, hey, what you´ve done so far is not that bad.
  • Go out with your wife. Carve out time for the ones you love, they are the first ones that we compromise when things get complicated at work.
  • Work on your heath. Things like drinking water, making sure you sleep enough hours, exercise.

Not shocking, right? Just pure common sense. Well, believe me, I´m not doing ANY of this. So here´s my commitment: I´m starting today. As this is me, I´ve chosen the app Streaks to help me out. There´s another good option called Wayoflife, if you want to check.

Anyway, these habits try to balance different areas of your life in times of overload. But I´m not entirely sure that overload is the only problem here. It´s that feeling that a disaster is inevitable. That there is a close and present danger you cannot trace in your radar. That somewhere in the shadows of your inbox there is an email, an atomic bomb, counting down to expose your shame, your missteps, your inadequacy. I guess that is, pure and simple, fear. So I need to be aware of it, because fear is the source of all bad things in this life. But that deserves another post.

Meanwhile, if I find an app to deal with fear I´ll let you know ;)

Enjoy the weekend and see you next week. Promised!

PS: I was about to publish this but I felt I had to say something else. I´ve learned a thing or two during the past weeks. It´s not about work but about us. I need time to digest and write and honor it. I´ll do. It´s not a promise but a responsibility. Stay tuned.