Have you ever played Minecraft? It´s an extraordinary simulator of the game of life. Genius. When you start it up, you are left alone in the middle of an unknown world. All you can do at that point is use your bare hands to gather raw material and create a shelter. You need a shelter because the monsters come at night, and someone unarmed and unprotected would just die in a matter of minutes. The game goes on, day and night, and allows you to gather more resources to build ever more complex tools and structures.

You typically improve that first shelter into a proper house. That house has been built by you, block by block. You´ve taken hundreds of small decisions: the height of the ceiling, the number of rooms, the position of the doors, … That house holds everything that you have. And remember that in Minecraft, all that you have is the result of endless hours of labor. All that is stored in those chests you scatter around your house. Every object in there has a story behind that you remember. Finally, that home has protected you every night. When you stayed way too long in that cave looking for iron, and night fell, you ran home, probably fighting your way through, watching your life extinguish and, yes! you reached home. You are safe now. Time to rest.

Invariably, the game reaches a point where the surroundings of your home, which is typically very close to where your were born in Minecraft, has already been exhausted. Every tree has been cut, caves have been exploited, area has been secured. At that point, you realize you´ve just moved in circles around your house since you started the game. But the world is vast and full of opportunities. But seizing them means you will have to leave your home. But your home is everything to you. Holds everything you have. Was built with the effort of many days.

Eventually, you will leave. You close that door for the last time, pick a direction, and run for a new life. One in which you will have to start anew. The moment you take that first step you know that, before sun sets, you will be building a new shelter somewhere far away. And that shelter will be just like the one you built on the first day. But the player that is leaving is different from the one of that first day. You are skilled and you have the tools. You have nothing to fear.

Invariably, the Minecraft world rewards explorers with the sight of an exciting new world, different from the one that you were born into: different trees, different land, different animals, different dangers. It opens up new challenges that the player enjoys facing, now with a determination that comes from everything you learned back in time. Suddenly, that new world becomes your new home and one thought comes to your mind… why didn´t I do this before?