Empty Chairs

This Christmas, those empty chairs will drag us down. We will be painfully aware of what is missing. We will miss the spark of your eyes watching your grandchildren opening the presents. We will remember your smile back when we were the kids tearing the wrapping paper. One less glass will join the toast.

But that same absence carries a truth within that must be embraced: that you have lived, and loved and laughed. That your memory will last while we are here. And that we will honor it by leaving a legacy of our own. A legacy that builds on yours, because, yes, one day we will also be missed.

And I will toast because I had the gift of having you, because I have the privilege of being here, and because I will live and love and laugh the hell out of my time around.

Cheers and Merry Christmas to all of you, especially Ester and Moi. We will drink one for them together.