Gift Guide

All these things I own and love, and would make a perfect present. Some of them are expensive but I apply the rule of owning as little as possible, but as good as you can get it.

lamy 2000

Modern classic, permanent exposition at MoMA in NY. It's a design icon. Around 200€.


B&O H6

Best headphones you can buy, in my opinion. I read a thousand reviews before purchasing. They're pretty balanced (do not expect a bass push) and intended to reproduce music with as much fidelity as possible, not as much punch as possible. They're beautifully designed (B&O), and incredibly comfortable. No active noise cancelling, no Bluetooth, though. B&O have other options for this (H7, H8), but they change the sound profile, and are bulkier. Around 300€.


TUMI alpha 2 backpack

I've bought different backpacks over the years. My backpack is easily the second thing that I use the most, behind my phone. I use it everyday, I use it for overnight trips. I'm a complete freak of this stuff. I've tried many different ones, including the cool Cote&Ciel Isar backpack that grabbed so much attention. A TUMI backpack was one long awaited luxury I indulged earlier this year, and I love it. This thing costs 475€ (yes). I waited for a sale online and got it for 300€, already the most expensive backpack I had ever bought. I don't regret it, though. This thing is the best thought out, sturdy and stylish (in a "I work in the finance sector" way) backpack I've ever had. It will stay with me for a looooong time. I know I did not convince you. This is self talk. Anyway, just in case you adore these things as much as I do, here it is.


Sony RX100

The best point & shoot camera money can buy. Huge sensor, great lens, full control, great autofocus. This is the small camera pro photographers buy. I tried with reflex or mirrorless, but their size make bringing the camera a too deliberate decision and something you have to deal with. Not this one. Throw it in your pocket and have 80% of the image quality at pocket size. It's up to you how you want to deal with that remaining 20%. It can go from 700€ to 1.000€, depending on the model. Yes, not cheap, I told you, this is an engineering miracle. I bought one of the "old" discounted models.