8 things to do in the morning

Ok, I read this stuff somewhere and felt like sharing. These are the 8 things you must do in the morning:

  1. Sleep 7+ hours. Not sure you do this in the morning. I guess the point is: make sure you wake up at a time when you've already slept 7 hours.
  2. Meditate. It helps you be emotionally stable.
  3. Workout. It's a good thing, no doubt.
  4. Eat protein. It helps regulate sugar levels on the blood flow and provide energy during longer time than the usual sugar rush of your regular muffin.
  5. Take a cold shower. It helps you wake up and boosts metabolism (I don't really know what metabolism is and have no time to check Wikipedia now, but somehow it sounds right.)
  6. Read something enlightening. So that you get motivated.
  7. Review the goals of the day. Planning is always a good idea.
  8. Do something about your most important goal. If not, you will not do it during the rest of your day.

If by the time you reach point 7 it's not 8pm, then go to work. Seriously, this is a pretty packed agenda for a morning. Anyway, I did try, as always, so here's my two cents:

  1. Sleep 7 hours. I go to bed at 23:00 and wake up at 6:00, so I'm good... until I started getting home at 23:00 from work, but that is another post.
  2. Meditate. Well... sort of. Started up strong, kept a regular practice for some weeks, then it slipped off... just like everybody else. This is tough stuff. I'll try harder though, it really helped. As I mentioned in some other post here, go for Headspace app if you want to try.
  3. Workout. It didn't even crossed my mind to do this.
  4. Eat protein. Yes, I did. I think this is also good practice and worked as advertised, but didn't really stick because, man, if my wife cooks some muffins, there's nothing compared to that.
  5. Cold shower. Boy I did this! But we need to talk more in detail, so bear with me for a second.
  6. Read something enlightening. Every morning, 15 min. This one is a must for me every morning.
  7. Review goals. Yep. I wouldn't be able to keep up with my crazy job if I didn't.
  8. Do something about the most important goal. Sorry, I need to run, I'm late for work. Honestly, the whole routine I described already takes 1.5 - 2 hours (including dressing up, which is not mentioned in the list but I've found that it's quite important for your career.)

So, yes, cold showers. I think we all can buy the idea that it helps your blood circulation and that it will wake you up. Again, understanding something rationally and having the balls to step into that cold water are two very different things, but I felt like trying so I did. It is confirmed: it surely wakes you up. But man it is a stressful experience. First day I stared at the flow of cold water for 10 min before I dared. I jumped in and just could not breathe for another 10 min. Rushed out quickly. Then it happened. Not only it does feel good physically but I felt like a total winner. I've feared, I've dared and I've done it. King of the world. I guess it's all part of the same rush of blood or something but it felt so good. So I repeated next day. And the next. And the next. I then introduced a variation, for the last 10 seconds or so I would reward myself and turn up the hot water for a regular warm shower. Heaven cannot come close to that experience, I tell you.

So that's where I am today, already a month doing this and will probably do it forever. Then I started wondering about the weirdness of all this, and how symbolic, or methaforical the experience actually is. As a proxy for life as a whole. As a fractal that echoes the fundamentals of something bigger, something profound, a pattern that is there for us to understand:

  • That going through difficult experiences makes you stronger.
  • That if you are not suffering, you are not improving.
  • That life can only be fully enjoyed if you go through uncomfortable shit.
  • That you must commit to go through difficult stuff willingly, you must seek problems.
  • That I should probably start having some medication.

Enjoy the weekend!

But please be aware that you will not fully enjoy it if you've not gone through hell during the weekdays.

Thus, I wish you also some f*#cked up workdays next week.

So here comes the my new Delphic maxim: appreciate shit.