Thinking about this blog I realize there are a number of recurrent themes that are considered every now and then. They seem to constitute a core set of principles I believe in. I say believe because they fall under that space of disputable statements where a counter example can be found. But I stick to them like absolute truths without accepting the obvious it depends that anyone could come up with. They shape the way I view the world, the way I behave. I revert to them when in doubt.

I went through the exercise of summarizing them and was surprised by the complexity of the task, but I felt it was useful and enlightening. This is a very personal view. A view that feels odd to share so openly, but I've also learned that such feeling is a good sign. So here's my (unfinished) list of core beliefs:

  • that everyone is good by nature.
  • that the source of all evil is fear, and fear is deeply rooted in us.
  • that the best way to break down other people's fears is through understanding and compassion.
  • that breaking down your fears, which is breaking down your ego, is the only way to a fulfilling life.
  • that happiness is a decision, not an outcome.
  • that all you need to change anything is a shift in perspective.
  • that your perspective must always consider 3 things: how limited our understanding is, how short our lives are, and how gifted we are.
  • that the most remarkable achievements are built with extraordinarily simple building blocks.
  • that we are very limited: our ability to understand is poor and easily distorted.
  • that because of those limitations our duty is to question until we reach the verge, where only humbleness is possible.
  • that the hardest questions are related to the framing, not the content.
  • that only through difficulties we can truly appreciate.
  • that the most fundamental solutions are always easy to understand and difficult to execute.

Most of those topics have been touched in previous posts. There are some other topics I still cannot articulate, but I will keep on trying. There are many others I cannot get my head around, but I guess that's part of the game.

Anyway, thanks for reading. It truly helps.

Have a nice weekend all.