Emotions get in the way

Emotions get in the way of good work. This is not so much philosophy as it is neurology. Distressed emotional states, governed by the amygdala, overrule the functions of the prefrontal cortex, where our higher functions operate.

This truth applies to many areas of our work and we seldom take in ito account when dealing with colleagues, teams or our own children. Creating states of fear in them may have a short term result but do not provide sustainable ground for personal growth. Despite this, we still get on our nerves when we don't see the attitude we expect. But if we look deeply at the roots of our own reactions when we push too hard those around us, they are also typically based on fear; fear of not being respected, fear of losing authority... in essence, we are also working under a distressed (if somewhat subtle in many cases) emotional states, which cloud our judgement and hamper our performance. And we are spreading our distress all around us, fueling the negative cycle.

This does not mean, on the other hand, that a happy environment should prevail over right direction. We all know that we ourselves have made our better work under the right level of pressure. Problem is, that level is different for every person and even varies in every moment, and therefore the art of coaching, of getting the best out of everyone we know.

But the point is, next time you want to shout at someone, realize that's an amateur's play. Pros do differently.

Have a nice weekend.

bonus: video below on the effects of what I just spoke about in education (Spanish)