iPad Pro first thoughts

I'm confused by this week's iPad Pro announcement. I'm not sure whether I'm excited by it or it signals the end of that category. At first sight, it's a promising evolution in a direction I should be happy about. I use my iPad mostly for productivity related stuff. Essentially writing, where I feel its big screen and distraction free environment is better than anything else to get the job done. I also do a lot of task management on my iPad, mainly because I love OmniFocus' version for it. The bigger screen, better keyboard, even the pencil for occasionally sketching is going to be an improvement over my current setup. Then I realize how much does all this stuff cost and I think how frivolous it sounds to spend that much money to do just a couple of things.

When I look at my admitedly long list of computing things it's inevitable to think about the overlap and compromises of the mid range. I currently use:

  • iPhone 6 Plus.
  • iPad Air.
  • Work Laptop.
  • iMac.

The extremes of this list have clear use cases, indisputable by any other device. iPhone is my mobile device and my iMac handles all heavy load stuff like coding, designing, holding personal photos and videos, and personal related docs.

Now the point is, is there a reason to have 2 devices worth 1.000$ like an iPad and a laptop, or should they converge to a single thing? If they are to converge, should they do it in an iPad form (that's the Pro's proposition) or should they do it in a laptop form (that's the MacBook Air 11 inch proposition)? I have no clue. As I said, I'm confused. Here's the fight between the convenience of simplified computing (iPad) versus the depth of features and versatility (laptop). If I had to choose, I'd probably go for convenience rather than features, but I cannot help feel the compromise of the choice.

At this stage I just aknowledge how right Microsoft was when they designed their Surface Pro tablet/laptop. A proposition that seems everyday more and more spot on for the convergence of that mid range. And that's probably the summary of the whole story: should your next laptop be an iPad Pro or a Surface Pro?

We'll see when we get there. For the time being, I'll keep on using my iPad just to write these posts, in an effort to increase the worth of this blog if only by raising its per word cost. Have a nice weekend and see you next week.