I quit Apple Music

I quit Apple Music. It took me one week. I'm that intolerant to frustration.

I'm a Spotify user. Apple Music is cheaper. Apple Music blends better with my iPhone, iPad and Mac. I should have switched and stayed. But instead, I quit. That's how confusing the whole thing is.

The on boarding process is simply a joke. It is literally a joke, indeed (check the link!). Try it out if you haven't and feel the confusion, the awkwardness. It seems to me that Apple compromised the process to showcase their new design language. It is surprising that a company that masters the user experience has shipped something so unpolished.

But on boarding is a one off. The excitement and the hype can pull you through all those confusing decisions to open the gates of music heaven. But unfortunately, once you get there, things are pretty much the same.

The app is supposed to welcome you with something catchy and differential. Instead, you get a pile of playlists based on your rushed and superficial choices during on boarding that seldom raise any interest (at least in my case). A couple of taps here and there to see something interesting around the app and you get quickly disappointed.

You look back at Spotify, with its clear interface and intuitive navigation, and feel at home. Spotify interaction design is truly a masterpiece. It is hard to get more done with less. But I've only been aware of it after trying Apple Music. Spotify puts in front of your face, just as you open it up, a number of playlists, beatufilly aligned, and relevant thanks to the clever contextual filtering (right now it's 6.30am of a Friday and they're showing up "Friday... at least!" lists, ranging from wake up lists to pre-party themes). If I scroll down a little a see collections organized by mood: workout, party, chill, ... Spotify is telling you: don't worry, I'll take your hand and guide you through this labyrinth of music. Apple instead shows me a 'For You' tab that I don't feel is that much for me, and I'm not going to invest a minute teaching them what's right for me. Honestly, I wouldn't know how to, because the app gives me only a 'New' tab that does not interest me that much, a 'Radio' option to listen to regular stations, a 'Connect' tab that I did not even try and a 'My Music' that is indeed empty (I deleted all my iPhone's music when I joined Spotify).

Therefore, Apple does not give you a map to navigate the Music ocean, but bets on getting it right when deciding what is For You. Too risky of an approach, and a huge gap in the service. Too much friction... never opened the app again. Then finding your way to opt out of the subscription really reminds you to the convoluted ways to opt out of your current phone operator. Bad karma, Apple.

I'm positive that they'll get this right, Apple can do this better than anyone else and they are also a company that listens (more these days, I would say). So it is probably a matter of time, but it may be too late already, at least for some of us. I stick to Spotify and, in doing so, I can dream on the romantic idea that Europe can win a battle on this innovative ground. And so I can believe that one can reconcile a vibrant entrepreneurial activity, hungry for change and novelty, while enjoying wide state protection on fundamental services. That a welfare state does not numb its members into comformity, but gives them a cushion so that they can take risks, jump higher, dare into the unkonwn.

Yes. I have a dream!. Enjoy this weekend no matter if streets are melting out there. Dive into the pool and take the chance to listen to some uplifting music, you know where you can find it.