Watch this guy change the world

Please find 20 min to watch this video. It's old news by now but you may not have had the chance to check the actual keynote in which Elon Musk presents his Powerwall. This proposal may fundamentally change the way energy is produced, distributed and consumed. And that is a pretty big deal, I think. Moreover I think there are 3 reasons why you should spend 20 minutes on this.

  1. The presentation. Can you guess what portion of the United States needs to be covered in solar panels in order to supply the whole country with energy? Learn it in the video. Do you know why solar power cannot be effectively used for that purpose? Please pay attention to the flow of the presentation too: it moves from generic facts, to practical applications, to then proposing a specific solution and finally drafts the big picture of what this product can become in the future. It will make you jump on your chair. Promise.
  2. The man. Musk will become an icon of this generation, you'd better get to know him. It's inevitable to compare him to Steve Jobs, specially when judging a keynote. He is far from Jobs in communication skills, granted. But while Jobs has always come accross overconfident and arrogant, Musk seems like a guy that is 100 times smarter than you, but he's not going to make a point about it. He is genuinely excited to share what he's don , because what he's done is awesome. I must admit I really like this guy. His sense of humor, his approachability, that feeling that he does not remember very well what he has to say next, that he's improvising the presentation, and the impression that he's fighting a stammering issue. He seems like a real person you'd have a beer with, only to figure out that he's a genius that actually enjoys having a beer with you.
  3. The meaning. This presentation elighten us on how close we are to really turning around on one of our main issues: environmental damage and the sustainability of our own progress. So much for relevancy. It makes presenting smartphones lame. But beyond the fact that what is being presented is crucial, I believe this may trigger a whole shift in how we approach innovation. While we've seen very little leaps in anything but information technology in the past 20/30 years, this presentation shows the way to significant business opportunities on research being applied to other fields as well. I'd like to believe that I'm able to witness during my lifespan some significant changes on other crucial areas too, like transportation or health services, for instance.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy the video, you won't regret it. I'm just about to print a poster of this guy and stick it in my room.

Cheers and enjoy this spring weekend!