Something new is coming

I wake up at 6:00am and prepare some coffee. It's dark outside and the house is quiet. By 6:30 I'm already up to speed, ready to turn the computer on and start working on my new app.

Yes, I'm building a new app. I'm back at the excitement and the anticipation. I'm back at thinking thoroughly every little detail. I'm back at learning stuff, using it to design something new, and then building it. I'm more ambitious now and I'm enjoying it even more than the previous one.

You are going to love this one, I know. You'll be an essencial part of the app. Allow me to play with the mistery a little longer and unveil only bits and pieces during the next months, while I craft it during those early mornings.

But best of all, I'm enjoying the journey. Have you ever had that sense of attachment to something that you do? I love it. I know with absolute certainty that I was simply born to do this. It is what I do best and it is something that I do better than many. Why am I not making a living out of it? I don't know. Probably a bad decision at some point in time. I don't care either, as long as I can keep on doing it on my own, and then leave and pretend to be a manager or something by day.

Anyway, count on some more news about the app coming through the next weeks, and get ready because you will all be invited once it's ready. You will all get to join the hive... ;)

Have a great weekend.