Christmas Gift Suggestions

Look. I've been writing this post on household gift ideas for 45 min and the f&*king Safari unexpectedly closes, flushing my work down the toilet. Do you remember those days when MS Word crashed in the middle of a 20 page essay on Goya, and you could kill someone at that very moment? That's me right now.

By the way, I once saw a guy work on a Powerpoint presentation at work for 30 min, clock ticking because he had to deliver to a super senior guy that was leaving to check the document with super super senior guy. He suddenlly stands up and punches the screen with all he has. The screen flies out the desk. Everyone turns around to see what's going on. I look over to the display, lying on the floor, and I can still remember that faint dialogue screen "Powerpoint has closed unexpectedly. Do you want to send a report to Microsoft?" Classic. (That was you, Alberto, by the way).

As I still have 2 minutes left, this is the list of things I recommend. No images, no links. Make good use of Google.

  • Tovolo King Ice Cubes
  • Bodum Pavina Glasses
  • Aeroccino by Nespresso

For more fancy stuff, head over to

That's all I have for you today. Sorry about that.