I'm still here

Hi. I missed last week and was about to miss this one. Was hooked in a post that is taking longer than expected but in spite of rushing it to deliver I thought I'd spent some more time on it. Anyway, I did not want to leave you guys alone another Friday (I did not want to feel alone another Friday). Don't expect nothing too thoughtful here, but I think something quite interesting.

This week Microsoft introduced a number of new devices.

A band. Whose value proposition I feel is: Why wear an awful watch when you can wear your expensive engagement one AND this ugly band that you can then take off when you visit an important client. Seems like the right approach to me.

A couple of phones. I did't even look at them, so I have no clue what to say. But they introduced them.

The updated Surface Pro 4. They sell this as the tablet that can replace your laptop. I'm going to buy this thing. MS approach of this is not as intuitive and easy to use as an iPad, but you can get work done in here, works for me. As I've already mentioned, I have an iMac and I have an iPhone, what I want is a device in the middle that truly substitutes a laptop. Spot on. MS may win the war of this form factor. And this thing spreads out, the moment you see one of these in action you think THIS is what I need. (By the way, the guy that made the presentation is kind of intense, isn't he??)

A laptop (Surface Book). Not sure it was expected that MS introduced a laptop. Not that it is a crazy idea now that they build everything else. But I believe nobody expected something this good. Extremely capable, highly portable, and detachable so that it turns into a tablet. MS may have positioned itself one step ahead of everyone else. With their first laptop. If I didn't have a desktop and wanted one single portable machine as my main computer, I will probably buy this one.

So now Microsoft is doing things I want to buy. That is new. Moreover, if I look at it from some perspective:

I bought Office 365 this year, securing access to Office in all my devices (iMac, iPhone, etc). Let's be honest: there is no substitute for Excel.

When I bought Office, I received 1Tb in their OneDrive cloud storage. I moved away from Dropbox and now this is my cloud solution of choice.

And now these devices... Seems to me that the ecosystem they're building is powerful. I still need to check Windows 10, around which everything else seems to orbit, therefore this fundamental piece I have no opinion about, but everything I've read so far are good opinions about it.

These things take time. They're pretty late in the game, so it is not a safe bet to say that MS will regain the ground it lost, but surely they are playing it right. But beyond that, just watch this interview with Satya Nadella, talking about MS vision. This is something you can relate to (despite the weird pitch tones of the guy). I will now follow MS's journey with interest.