Who doesn't like cinema?

I once met a guy who didn’t like cinema. How weird is that? We all love films. How can it be any other way? They quench our need to hear a good story, something that seems to be deeply ingrained with the condition of being human. We’ve been doing it since stone age, for God’s sake! Turned out, the guy was pretty creepy.

There’s a lot you can learn from someone’s favourite films. Somehow that piece of info gives certain intimacy, a peek into someone’s soul, behind that façade we all intuitively build to gain others’ approval. Your top 3 films should be in any job interview script. Much juicier info will you get out of it than “other interests”, where you can bet on sports, reading & hanging out with friends to be on 99% of the answers (in the end, we all want to be healthy, interesting & social… most of us fail at 2 or 3 of those).

In my case, life has put me in respectable suit & tie management positions that obfuscate the fact that I’m just a nerd desperately trying to never weigh anchor from my teen years. As such, my favourite film: Back to the Future. While there’s a strong emotional attachment to Back to the Future in terms of nostalgia, I do also believe that it is a masterpiece in its own technical merits, and that it will stand a fight against any other boring Godfather you throw at it. I will argue about the memorable characters (George McFly!), it’s flawless script (one of the very few in history where cutting out any one minute will worsen the final result), it’s exceptional production (who doesn't want a DeLorean?)… as a true masterpiece, it has stood the test of time so well that it will always be a reference film about the future even though now everything happens in our past.

Back to the Future has given the world the opportunity to reflect this week on our successes and failures in a 30 years timespan (yes, we all miss those hover boards but no one anticipated Internet back then). In doing so, the film has fulfilled its destiny as a perfect film, covering the only flaw that could ever be raised about it: the lack of a profound message. Back to the Future confronts the dreams we once had with the reality we all built. So much for a deeply layered film.

Eat that, Godfather!