You are impossible

According to the Big Bang theory the universe started about 14 billion years ago. According to the heat death theory, our universe will end in 10^100 years. If you're curious, this theory is based in the laws of thermodynamics (mainly the second) that predicts that entropy inevitably increases, i.e. energy dissipates and matter disperses, and our universe will end as a huge dark sea of dead particles.

Now if we trace a timeline starting at the beginning of the universe, moving on to the formation of stars and solar systems and galaxies as a result of gravity, then moving on to a sloooooow decay of degradation until there's finally nothing but a dead sea of particles, we could mark a window in that timeline where life is actually possible. Certainly not until eligible structures are created (planets like ours) and certainly not after there are no more burning stars heating the universe. If we trace in red that portion of the lifespan of the universe in which life is physically possible it would look something like this.


Can't your see the red line there? What where you expecting? Maybe that life is possible during 50% of the universe's life? 20%? 5%??!! C'mon, man!!! What's it going to be? Is not the whole purpose of the universe to hold us??? To hold life???

You'll be surprised to know that life if physically possible only during

0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000001%

of our universe's life. Call it a tiny window.

In essence, the fact that a bunch of atoms have ended up structured in you is... well... impossible. I thought this was a truth worth knowing (or at least worth remembering).

What to make of it, I leave it to you. Feel the exhilaration of a lottery winner cause you are reaaaaaally unlikely; turn a nihilist and say what the fuck, who cares, cause everything is going to turn into dust; believe in god cause impossible things only happen by intervention; move on with your job cause in the end you have to deliver that PowerPoint presentation; sit down and watch TV for 3 hours cause you are soooo tired; get out and do something awesome cause you feel lucky. Your choice.

This was just a summary post for the exceptional first episode of the superb Wonders of the Universe. You'd do well if you manage to watch the other three... or, well, just do whatever you want.