Judging something is easier than creating it. That's why the creative process can be soooo frustrating. Not so much for the severe judgement of others, but for our own, cruel and merciless. After sweating to get something done, you stop, look at the result... and it sucks!

At this point we've got some options. The most obvious: to crumble at the difficulty of delivering even the most basic product with a level of polish that we expect. Please do NOT do this. Do NOT abandon, for perfection is a long road in which you have to have faith and perspective. Faith in finding out a satisfactory way forward, and perspective to, despite disappointing results at first, enjoy the journey in itself, as it always drives to improvement, self development and learning.

The way forward is always compromising. Take your outcome vision and revisit it now that you understand how visions clash with reality. Compromise its features, design, timing... This is an exceptionally difficult process. On one hand because it demoralizes you (how can you ship it without that clever feature you figured out after long hours?!?!). On the other, because it is plain difficult to prioritize amputation. Would cut your arm or your leg first? How do you decide something like that? And yet, this is the process where, paradoxically, more value is created (if done well). It will force you to focus on the very core of your idea and on the only aspects you can execute properly. It is painful. It teaches you enormously.

But finally, anyways, under any circumstances, no matter what: just ship it, just publish it, just deliver it. Even though there's still a gap between your work and your expectations. The only way you are ever going to bridge that gap is giving birth to something, and work your way through it later on. 


This is a message for all of you that asked me about doing something like this, and have not dared yet to take action. Probably your projects died buried under your shame, once you saw they were not worth it. You know what? Probably they were not worth it, and still there is only one way to find it out. You will also find out that, no matter what, you will still find my encouraging words asking to keep on, and the words of many others. And suddenly you will realize that you've started something new. Crappy, yes, but new and promising and different.