Christmas (gadgety) wishlist

If you couldn't decide what to buy me, or just need some last minute inspiration for someone else's present, here's my wishlist ordered by price.


I absolutely love this inexpensive pen, beautifully designed by Naoko Fukasawa and winner of a huge list of prizes. It's the cheapest way to beautify your day.


If you are tired of those black notebooks that became way too popular, look for this delightful proposition from Adam Kornfield and Joey Cofone. It has the right cover, the right size, and the dotted option is simply perfect for anything from boring meeting notes to fun sketching.


BOOQ BOA - 150€

I've been trying to replace my awfully bulky and heavy backpack I use every day and, after quite some research, this one by Booq seems like the best choice.


ROKU 3 - 150€

Apparently this is the best option to turn your TV into something better. Out of a thousand features, I'm mainly interested in streaming the all those movies that sit on my computer. I've ripped them from legally purchased DVDs, in case you were wondering.


UE BOOM - 150€

I've been using my Jawbone Jambox for a year now and I love it. It has proven to me that bluetooth speakers are not something that you listen to for a couple of weeks and throw them on a drawer afterwards. But I realise the way I use it is different from what I intended. I bought a very portable one to take it with me all the time, so I could listen to it at the office, in a hotel room, anywhere. But now my jambox stays at home all the time, thought I move it around the house often. For that purpose, it seems right to go for a bigger one and the ue boom gets the best reviews consistently (though it´s a step down from the industrial design of the jambox).



This one's the unapologetically useless addition to the list, and probably the one I should get first.  An internet connected printer that will spit anything from news, games, puzzles, photos, messages. Hard to sell it as a life-changer, but irresistible.



Digital tablet for professional illustration. This one's the aspirational present on the list. I'd love to have the skills required to use it for something worthy. I don't. But maybe I can schedule some training courses for it.


SONY SEL35F18 - 400€

According to many, the best prime lens you can get for my Sony NEX 6. I've been willing to see how a fixed focal lens changes the way I photograph for quite some time now, and sooner or later I will get it. Also, you don't buy a body like the NEX 6 and leave the stock lens in it forever.


iPHONE 6 PLUS - 899€

Well. I've stayed in line for this twice in Boston. I've asked some readers of this blog to do the same for me as well. I will get it. Eventually.



Ok, maybe I was not good enough this year to deserve it but this is a list of wishes, right? Or... what the hell, I DO deserve it.